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Research Apparatus

Research Apparatus

Urządzenie do pomiaru prędkości
Wake survey device
Wake survey device is a measurement system designed for three-dimensional velocity field determination behind the ship model, particularly in propeller disc. It can also be used for velocity determination in many other flows.
Waga sześcioskładowa
6-components balance
The 6-components balance is a general application device for measurements of 3 force and 3 moment components. It can be used as an element of the measuring stands or systems in towing tanks, cavitation tunnels or wind tunnel.
balancing device
The device is a compact and light-weight construction, which enables determination of the moment of inertia as well as the centre of gravity for a ship model. The correct and accurate determination of the above mentioned quantities is necessarily required as the preparation for the manoeuvrability and sea keeping model test.
Dynamometr oporowy
Dynamometer OPN
Dynamometer OPN is a measuring device used for standard hydrodynamic model tests conducted in towing tank or circulating water channel.
Sonda fali
Wave probe
Wave probe is dedicated to measurements of the wave height in the towing tank.
Dynamometr POD
Dynamometer POD
The device installed inside the POD housing as a part of the modelled propulsion system is intended for thrust and torque measurements generated on the POD propeller (instead of the entire POD unit). The dynamometer can be applied as a part of the measuring system for podded vessels model testing as well as for open water POD propulsors model tests.
Dynamometr steru
Rudder dynamometer
The rudder dynamometer for open water rudder tests is an element of the towing carriage equipment and is used for measurements of torque and longitudinal/transverse force components generated on a rudder model during tests in the towing tank.
Wake rake
Wake rake
The wake rake is dedicated to the measurements of the wake axial component in a propeller disk. The device, has the form of a comb and consists of the number of Pitot tubes.