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Research Equipment

Research Equipment

Edukacyjny tunel aerodynamiczny typu otwartego
Open circuit educational wind tunnel

A handy wind tunnel is an excellent educational facility to teach experimental fluid dynamics. Simple experiments with various models enable efficient understanding of flow principles.

Stanowisko do badania turbin wodnych
Stand for water turbines tests

The stand is used to study the operation of pumps and determination of their characteristics. It also allows experimental defining the characteristics of small water turbines and determining the characteristics of the co-operation of pumps and models installation (pipelines) in various configurations.

Bezobsługowy pomost holowniczy do edukacyjnych badań modelowych
Unmanned towing carriage for educational towing tank

Unmanned towing carriage is part of an educational towing tank, which also is equipped with: wavesgenerator, tracks, muting waves device connected to the technical bridge,  dynamometers.

Duży tunel aerodynamiczny
Low speed wind tunnel

A low speed wind tunnel (LSWT) is a research facility which allows for controlled simulation of the air flow around a tested object (or set of objects) and determination of aerodynamic load acting on it. The scaled model of real object or its part is the most often tested physical sample.

Poddźwiękowy tunel aerodynamiczny typu zamkniętego
Closed circuit subsonic wind tunnel

The subsonic wind tunnel is a low-speed tool used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects with very low Mach number in the test section.

Tunel kawitacyjny
Cavitation Tunnel

Cavitation Tunnel is a basic research facility for cavitation model tests of ship propulsors.

Tunel łopatkowy
Transonic cascade wind tunnel

This wind tunnel is an open circuit facility. It is used for the study and visualization of the air flow through a vane cascade in transonic flow conditions.

Platforma do badań off-shore
Submersible Platform for offshore model tests

The platform is intended for model testing various offshore constructions. It cooperates with the auxiliary towed caariage. The immersion of the working space of the platform is controlled.

Pomost holowany
Towed carriage

Towed carriage serves auxiliary purposes when offshore constructions model tests are conducted in the deep-water towing tank.

Pomost holowniczy
Towing carriage

A precisely manufactured platform moving on rails at both sides of the towing tank is a device allowing for conduction of various model tests of ships, floating structures, propulsors as well as general hydrodynamic experiments under conditions of shallow or deep water

Stanowisko do badań zjawisk przepływowych pomp i rurociągów
Stand for the flow pumps and pipelines tests

The stand is designed for flow tests of secondary water pollution and security of supply the water in the water utilities.