Design & Technology Department. is also a designer and supplier of industrial automation devices and systems,

used in manufactured stands and devices as well as facilities at sea and on land.

Our employees have extensive experience in the field of power electronics and know the advantages and disadvantages of modern solutions.

We carry out electrical measurements, including harmonic and electromagnetic field disturbances, and prepare solutions for any problems resulting from the use of devices that trigger these disturbances, e.g. frequency converters.

In our projects, we use the solutions of leading manufacturers of automation and mechanics equipment, which saves us and our Clients time, unforeseen breakdowns and money. With today’s rising labor costs, this is particularly important, and we are trying to change with the market and adapt to it optimally in every field. Climate problems all over the world force the use of solutions compliant with newer and newer standards, which impose solutions with ever higher efficiency. Manufacturers use more and more sophisticated solutions, but they all have one thing in common – more and more power electronics. Our knowledge and over fifty years of experience allow us to optimally adjust the solution to the customer’s needs.

As part of the manufactured test stands, the automation system is prepared to control the stand and measuring equipment. Our automation specialists and electricians work closely with the mechanical department at every stage of the project and approach each topic individually. The automatics preparation is performed with the use of internal resources.
The scope of work carried out by the automation team includes, among others:

  • development of the concept of an automation system solution,
  • valuation of electrical and automatic design,
  • design, including electrical calculations,
  • PLC and HMI programming.
  • configuration of programmable components, i.e. converters and servo mechanisms,
  • installation, testing and commissioning of systems at the customer’s site,
  • training of the Customer’s employees on the operation of the device,
  • electrical measurements,
  • delivery documentation,
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • optimization at every stage of work.
Our automation systems allow for:

  • control of smooth operation of pumps and fans,
  • controlling and controlling the movement by means of drives of various types,
  • the use of measuring systems for electrical and non-electrical quantities,
  • collecting measurement data and their archiving,
  • intuitive operation of the device.


Contact us and we will design and make an automation system for you in line with your expectations.

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