Specialist stations

CTO produces specialist stations designed to individual order.

These positions are performed on the basis of the client’s guidelines and / or relevant standards and regulations.

Test stand flow phenomena in pipelines

Installation for tests of pumps and flow phenomena in pipelines is intended for:

  • tests and registration of the characteristics of two pumps working separately and in a set in a parallel or serial connection,
  • testing and registration of hydraulic characteristics of individual pipes and set of pipes,
  • determining the work point and efficiency of cooperating pumps,
  • linear motion resistance tests in pipeline sections,
  • implementation of experiments in conditions of flow and pressure control in the research circuit,
  • setting the Kv value of control valves and fittings according to EN1267 standard,
  • testing the effectiveness of anti-contamination valves, safety, experimental armature developed as part of the laboratory’s operation,
  • visualization of flow in hardened and clear polymer glass pipelines by introducing a dye,
  • measurements of pressure drops on a straight section of a pipe consisting of two sections, each one 1500 mm long equipped with 10 measuring points,
  • conducting experiments in the function of controlling the flow rate or changes in the operating pressure of pumps with variable configuration of pipelines and fittings.

Stand for testing of heat exchangers calcification

The task of the calcification stand is to carry out a scale settle test in the tested heat exchanger, using water with a controlled hardness level. During the test, the water circulates in a closed system. Device parameters are monitored by sensors.


CTO produces stands for fire resistance tests. Mentioned test is one that is required in homologation process of rechargeable energy storage systems (REESS) in order to approve battery to use in mechanical vehicles. Stand for flame resistance tests enables to proceed such tests according to 8E Annex to statute No. 100 of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.


Stand is used for testing of pumps work and defining of characteristics. It allows also to experimental defining of characteristics for small water turbines and defining of characteristics during pumps cooperation (in different configurations) and models of installations (pipelines). Stand allows to test pumps working in serial, parallel and turbine system.


Simulator is an auxiliary device of deep-water towing tank. Water influence simulator for overwater “off-shore” constructions consists of moving frame with fans section. Construction of moving frame enables mounting of simulator on deep-water towing tank track.

Two fans batteries enable testing of water influence for overwater part of “off shore” objects models or conventional floating units. Fans system has got the possibility of geometry modification (vertical or horizontal). Simulated in model scale “wind” can have features of a stationary or stochastic process, flat – in defined direction, represented by average wind velocity and velocity profile layout along the height from the environment separation surface.


Platform is a construction that during tests work together with designed by CTO towed platform.

Platform has got the possibility to change the height from the upper level i.e. +150mm over the water mirror to 10 m below this level.

Offshore type model objects are fitted (anchored) to the platform where tests are carried out according to research procedures.


Stand is used for testing of interaction between test plates covered with test coatings and air bubbles.

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