Wind tunnele
for calibration

Wind tunnels for the calibration of measuring instruments

The offered tunnels can be made as open or closed type tunnels. Regardless of the type, each tunnel is designed with your individual needs and requirements in mind.

Tunnel geometry

Since each wind tunnel designed and manufactured by us is „tailor-made” we can adjust its geometry and structure to virtually any location, even one to which access is limited or the dimensions of the room are small, or there are columns in its.


If you are interested in tunnel accreditation, please contact us and we will adapt the tunnel to the relevant requirements and help you in the accreditation procedure.

Characteristic parameters

Characteristic parameters of wind tunnels for calibration of measuring instruments designed by CTO S.A.:

  • air velocity – defined by the customer (from 0.1 m / s up),
  • turbulence intensity – defined by the customer (from 0.1%),
  • contraction coefficient k = 9 or other highest achievable

The air quality in the test section is correlated with the size of the available room and the possibility of using a sufficiently long section for determining the velocity field or the contraction coefficient, as well as the availability of power in the laboratory.

Control and measurement equipment’s

Control and measurement equipment in tunnels for calibration is delivered with calibration certificates.

Contact one of our engineers for more information and a quote.
Prepare the input data that will help us choose the right tunnel.

Input data to be specified by the customer:

  • velocity range in the test section,
  • the expected level of turbulence intensity in the test section,
  • the size of the largest element that will be tested in the test section,
  • climatic conditions in the laboratory,
  • power available in the laboratory,
  • laboratory dimensions,
  • size of the access roads (entrances to the laboratory/room).

See catalogue sheets Wind tunnels for calibration of measuring instruments.


Remember, CTO S.A. meet your expectations. Contact us and we will help you choose the right tunnel.
More information on the construction of wind tunnels and their types can be found in the Knowledge Base website tab.

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