CTO S.A. is a designer of devices and test stands, such as:

  • wind tunnels,
  • cavitation tunnels,
  • towing carriages,
  • offshore facilities testing devices,
  • water channels,
  • vane channels,
  • specialist stands.

All devices and designs are made in agreement with the Customer, in order to best match the device or station to his needs.

CTO S.A. specialists in their projects are use:

  • CFD (numerical fluid dynamics) simulations,
  • numerical analyses using the finite element method (FEM),
  • carried out with the help of professional computing packages.
The scope of design works includes the preparation of a conceptual and executive design as well as the development of as-built documentation.
A team of qualified employees of CTO S.A. provides services of author’s supervision over completed projects.
CTO S.A. inter alia, it developed a project of the Science and Research Centre, which included:

  • two towing tanks with towing carriages
  • filter station,
  • cavitation tunnel,
  • large wind tunnel,
  • mechanical workshop.
For more information about water channels, their types and purpose see Knowledge Base

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