Standard for the implementation of research equipment projects:

CTO is a team of qualified designers and executive who will implement even the most unusual and difficult designs of devices and research equipment. Depending on the client’s needs and the specificity of the building (laboratory / room), we offer a „tailor-made” oraz personalized solution. We listen to our clients, get to know their needs and expectations in detail to full fill their needs. CTO S.A. has the technical potential and specialists capable of designing, delivering and assembling devices and research equipment, both standard and specialist.

CTO uses the following research facilities and resources to ensure the high quality of the subject of the contract:

  • research equipment, i.e. towing tanks, off-shore research laboratory, wind tunnels, cavitation tunnels, fire and acoustic laboratories, etc. (you can find out more about the research infrastructure of CTO S.A. at:;,;,,
  • a team of researchers specialized in the field of fluid mechanics and structural mechanics,
  • multidisciplinary team of experienced designers of research devices,
  • a team of automation and electric drive design engineers,
  • mechanical workshop for building models and test stands.
  • verified suppliers and subcontractors with the necessary experience in equipping devices and test stands.

Below we present the standard of our projects implementation

Each project is different,

just as the needs and expectations of the Customer are different.

Projects differ in the degree of complexity and purpose, hence the need for an individual approach to each of them. The most important thing to determine before starting the project is detailing the Client’s expectations as to functionality and budget. At this stage, the client determines his needs and together we develop a strategy for further action.

Concept and visualization

The design of the stand stand is carried out in accordance with the best practices and experience of the CTO resulting from the design, construction and commissioning of similar objects and the use of own similar research equipment.

This stage includes:

  • development of the concept of the structure of the stand based on the customer’s guidelines and expectations,
  • computational analysis of the flow and in its vicinity when necessary (CFD) and its structure (FEM),
  • prediction of power demand for the drive system and selection of the drive unit (standard or special version according to the mutually discussed and agreed technical specification), selection of control systems and data acquisition systems.
  • selection of equipment and auxiliary installations,
  • definition of the stand division into sections in accordance with transport requirements,

A stand detailed design and visualization are developed. The design of the stand is presented to the Ordering Party’s representatives for discussion and approval.

Executive design

After the Customer approves the concept, the execution phase follows. In this phase, technical drawings necessary for the implementation of the concept, such as the detailed documentation of the stand sections, electrical, cooling, control system, control equipment and other installations diagrams are elaborated.

We focus on the details of the project to prepare it for finalization. We create a quantitative statement of the necessary materials.


On the basis of the detailed design, we manufacture the structure and order the equipment for the stand. CTO has the necessary experience in equipping research devices / stands. CTO ensures their supervision and the highest quality.

The construction of the stand is performed under the supervision of qualified Project Managers of CTO.

Equipment, elements such as the power supply system, fan and motor of the drive unit, honeycomb (flow straightener), automation elements, are manufactured by proven CTO suppliers.

Pre-assembly and factory tests

After the stage of completion of the stand’s components, we perform its trial assembly and start-up. It includes checking the performance of the stand. We provide the Customer with the opportunity to participate in factory trials, so that even before the stand is shipped, there is a possibility of introducing minor adjustments. Factory trials (FAT) include the required performance checks and are conducted in the presence of the Ordering Party’s representative.

Final assembly and acceptance tests

After factory tests, the stand is dismantled and secured for transport, and then shipped to the Customer.

Our specialists will carry out the final assembly of the stand at the Customer’s premises. Before final commissioning, they will perform acceptance tests in order to demonstrate the compliance of the stand performance with the requirements set by the Customer.


The handover of the device/stand for use is connected with the training of the Ordering Party’s personnel. Thetraining covers the operation of the device/stand, its maintenance and periodic inspections, as well as safety issues.

Knowledge transfer

Depending on the Ordering Party’s needs, the CTO develops procedures related to the preparation of research models, planning of model experiments, conducting experiments as well as the analysis and interpretation of the results of the conducted research. The development of procedures is usually associated with the training of the Ordering Party’s personnel.

Auxiliary and measuring equipment

CTO S.A. offers a wide range of measuring devices and systems for the acquisition and processing of measurement data. In particular, the subject of the offer may be dynamometers designed and manufactured by CTO with the number of measured components of forces and aerodynamic moments, depending on the requirements of the Ordering Party.

CTO S.A. can also offer elements such as:

  • rotating tables,
  • traverses,
  • streamlined casings of measuring instruments,
  • research models.

More information about the measuring equipment offered by CTO S.A. can be found in the Measuring equipment.

Warranty and post-warranty service

CTO provides warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied research devices. As part of the warranty, CTO performs periodic inspections of devices/stands on dates agreed with the Ordering Party.

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