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CTO is a designer and producer of educational aerodynamic tunnels.

Majority of educational tunnels is open type.


The educational wind tunnel makes it possible to obtain knowledge about the aerodynamics of marine, solid and mobile land and flying objects based on experiments carried out with a model or a prototype.


The tunnel can be constructed of various materials: wood, plywood, laminate or steel, according to the requirements of the end user.

The tunnel is equipped with:

  • test section enabling the visualization and observation of the flow,
  • devices enabling measurement and recording of measurement data: velocity, flow or mass flow as well as lift and drag force.


The tunnel can be retrofitted with:

  • fixed or replaceable nets to reduce the intensity of turbulence,
  • measuring devices: measurement traverses, dynamometers, etc.,
  • a device for measuring the thickness of the boundary layer with a flat plates with an accuracy of sensor movement up to 0.01 mm (sensor with display electronic displacement),
  • system for the acquisition and processing of measurement data,
  • other according to the end user needs.


Characteristic parameters of the educational wind tunnels designed by CTO S.A:

  • air velocity range – defined by the customer (from 0.5 m / s up),
  • turbulence intensity – defined by the customer (from 0.1%),
  • contraction coefficient k = 9.

Contact one of our engineers for more information and a quote.

You need a tunnel test procedure – CTO S.A. together with the tunnel, it can provide you with the methodology of standard laboratory exercises.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best tunnel for you.


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More information on the construction of an open-type tunnel, the differences between open and closed tunnels, as well as the differences between the open and closed test section can be found in the Knowledge Base website tab.

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